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Monday, June 10, 2013

~My Life Purpose/Aura Color Violet~Top Reasons why being a Violet empowers change....

1. Like other Violets, I KNOW that I am here on this earth do something significant.  And, with that said....I am still working on trying to make sure what that something is or how to accomplish it. 

2.  I have been told that I am a very old souls.  My visions and ideas sometimes seem unrealistic and impractical to some.

3.  I felt very isolated and misunderstood as a child, and often felt that I didn't fit.  I still feel this way sometimes today. 

4.  My life is very intense and has been challenging, but these challenges have been of my own doing.  I am my OWN worst enemy.  Because of this I am very, very empathic and can easily feel others pain and emotions. 

5.  I love music, and am very passionate about it.  Violets are the communicators on the plane, and for them music is the universal language. 

6.  My goals and accomplishments in regards to saving and protecting abused children may seem too big for some, too grandiose, too unrealistic.  But, if I can stay focused, I will hopefully inspire and earn the respect of those around them me when they begin to manifest. 

7. Violets love children and will bond with them emotionally.  I also, see the potential in children and believe that every child, if given a chance can succeed. 

8.  Violets are natural mediators.