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Monday, May 20, 2013

My Purpose Driven Life

Today I begin my path of purpose driven writing

I have recently embarked on a spiritual journal and after doing much research I have discovered that my aura color is violet.  Meaning:

Inspirational, visionary, charismatic, powerful, magnetic, dynamic, leaders and teachers

They know they are here to do something important to help uplift humanity and the planet

They are here as teachers/leaders to educate the masses and to inspire/create positive change

They have a message to share with the world and feel a strong inner push to express it

These are older souls who have an innate wisdom and intelligence not of formal education

As visionaries, they see the future results they’re trying to create even if not knowing how to yet

They’re natural performers who love being the center of attention; can channel inspired info.

If uncentered, they can get scattered and overwhelmed taking on too many projects at once OR

Can become stalemated, not knowing what to do next to accomplish their goals

Meditation is very important for them so that they can learn to trust their visions

To many colors, their visions and ideals can seem unrealistic and impractical

Freedom and independence are necessities so that they can accomplish their life purpose

They often felt isolated and misunderstood in childhood and still can as adults

They love to travel to broaden their horizons

They have incredible emotional depth and compassion; can bond with a partner deeply

They need an equal partner who shares in their visions and won’t hold them back

They have a strong sex drive and are sexually attractive to other people

They like being self-employed giving them the freedom to do their life’s work

They feel fulfilled when they’ve effectively reached the world and inspired positive change
The Life Purpose of someone with the core color of Violet is to be the inspirational, humanitarian dreamer who is capable of envisioning and manifesting that which others say cannot be done.
The Basic Fear of someone with the core color of Violet is the fear of not doing something meaningful in their lifetime.